What Is a Trip-Tick?

Trip-tick is a printable document with country specific instructions through the border crossing and turn-to-turn directions for the fastest route through the country. It contains specific advise with names and phone # of tested tramitors and tramitors to avoid. The route specifically by-passes congested towns and avoids slow roads as much as possible. For each leg of the route the document contains an unambiguous identification of turning points, landmarks to look out for, length of the leg and approximate time to drive for planning purposes. The route description is accompanied with numerous detailed maps for navigation of complicated parts of the route.

The trip-tick is formatted to make it possible for the driver to navigate alone. You will never need more than two pages at a time: route description and a map. Having a separate person to navigate makes it safer, simpler and easier. Trip-ticks are down-loadable in pdf format

Here is a sample of a trip-tick through some parts of Mexico.

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The trip-ticks and last update times for following routes are available:






Mexico, 03/2010

Matamoros – Tampico – Tuxpan – Veraguas – Acayucan – Matias Romero – Arriaga – Tapachula – Talisman (crossing to Guatemala)

$8.00 USD

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Guatemala, 03/2010

El Carmen – Pajapita – Coatepeque – Mazatenango – Escuintla – Taxisco – Chiquimulilla – CD Pedro de Alvarado (crossing to El Salvador)